Saturday, 25 January 2014

Embroiderers' Guild Exhibition at Grantham

Lincolnshire branch of the Guild are staging a three part show in the Museum in Grantham. Comprising a selection from the national Guild archives; local branch recent work and all five hundred "Postcards" created by guild members across the country for every competing nation at the London Olympics. A really stunning showcase of talent from the very simple to the most complex stitchery with great inventiveness.
Each branch across the country was allocated a competing nation and asked to produce eight postcard size little embroideries on the theme of that country.
Here are a selection which really caught my eye.

Thousands of tiny French Knots bring this Agama Lizard to life.

The complexity of different stitches which went into this Lion's head in such a small space was mind blowing!

Here the foreground wall was created as applied over the background giving a strong 3D effect.

Three separate postcards depicting the view of the Treasury building in Petra from the foot of the Siq. Really beautifully done and so evocative. 

Just loved this fellow.

Panama brought to life my my own branch.
A really fun collection of tiny works of art!

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