Friday, 3 January 2014

Why so quiet?

Happy New Year!
Rather late in the day I decided to make a few presents; so I spent the four weeks up to Christmas tied to my sewing machine and needle working to a tight deadline! Why I do this to myself, I'm not sure, it would be so much better if I spread the effort out over a much longer period!
I have two Great Nephews who have not had a bed a bed quilt, so this year I have managed to make one for each of them. Not works of art, but quilts that can be used every day.
In addition to the boy's quilts I finally finished the last traditional block quilt UFO which I started work on in 2006! I had wanted to try a Storm at Sea quilt, managed to get the top done while stressed out by my job and then quilted most of it in 2008 and then it languished in the UFO pile as I had lost interest in traditional work. Its been resurected as my Niece wanted to give it a home!

 So you can see why I had no time to indulge in chat here!
I'm looking forward to a creative 2014; lots of ideas swimming around my head, some new challenges and a wish to revisit my Petra theme for a couple of new pieces of work, plenty to keep me busy! I'm also planning to get out and about to see more of other people's work and galleries, the inspiration this provides is very important!

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