Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Experiments with an embellisher.

I have often looked at textile works which have used an embellisher and wondered how the effect had been achieved. Recently I had the opportunity to "play" with one for a day and see for myself what could be done. These are my poor first attempts!
I had made some lightweight felt, the cerise one, and this was very easy to work with, better than the more solid commercial ones. It was amazing that I could join two pices of fabric together this way, no thread at all.
This little sample allowed me to try out lots of materials and threads.
Trimming the sample down and using the embellisher to attach the little sample to a larger piece of felt work well.
Adding beads and some hand stitching worked ok too.
Don't think I would buy a machine but will look at needle felting as a possible means of adding interest to the surface of some of my work in the future.

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  1. These look as though they have real potential! I have played with an embellisher, saw the potential but wasn't tempted to rush out to buy one.