Thursday, 19 June 2014

Bluebell Abstraction pt. 4

This version has tested me, I have had to make two attempts before I was satisfied with the concept.
I wanted to try "floating" a tile of bluebells in it's own environment.
I tried two methods of creating the tile. The first by setting the tile in strips of one colour. 

The yellow was far too bright, the pieced strips too regular for my taste and I feel the the green ground is too olive.

I started a second version. This time I faced the edge of the tile and applied it to a quilted ground. I was very comfortable with this methodology.

The yellow on the right is still probably too bright but I do like the simplicity of this  JQ. I'm going to use the methodology again on other pieces.

Sunday, 15 June 2014


CQ have challenged members to create a quilt on this theme for Festival of Quilts this year. I have decided, far too late really, that I want to interpret an astonishing electron microscope image of a nano particle dislocation I came across on the Brown University web site. 

The dislocations are the ribbon like structures.
With time in short supply I have chosen to use commercially produced fabrics and have already created the base structure of the quilt.

I have spent this evening hand stitching and beading the top third.

Tomorrow I will be experimenting with the ribbon like structures. So, watch this space!

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Bluebell Abstraction part 3

I have long admired the work of Rayna Gillman, especially her abstract creations, her free form quilts. I love the sense of movement and the ebullient colours that are present in much of her work and have taken a tentative step towards experimenting with this style of work.
I say tentative, because having completed this Journal I am only too conscious that I have only begun to scratch the surface of working in this way. It was interesting to try out ideas, and I had a bin full of discarded strips by the time I'd finished this small piece!
With the benefit of hindsight there is too little green in this piece, and the predominant fabric is too dark. I'm going to try again just for fun!

The balance is not quite right either, yet again I'm aware of my lack of grounding in design education!
I've got some more ideas for this and will try again tomorrow!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Bluebell Wood Abstraction part 2

My CQ Journal Quilts this year are all going to be attempts to progress my ability to abstract a design from images that inspire or interest me.
I have decided to explore the strip approach again but this time with narrow, torn strips and a lot of surface decoration. I used the same collection of fabrics that I had gathered for the first Journal on this theme and have decided that I will try two further JQs on bluebells using the same collection of fabrics.
I'm happy that I have a colour palette that is beginning to reflect my image but am not sure whether I should be trying to maintain the same balance of colour or just going with the flow. This is where I suspect a proper design education would come in handy!
This is what I have come up with.

I like the effect in small doses but would not consider it for a whole quilt.
Now I need to set to and think about another way to interpret this. Oh how pleased I will be to have my workroom back again!

Monday, 2 June 2014

Abstraction - Dunstanborough Beach resolution

Having explored the four mini abstractions from the beach photograph I wanted to produce a resolved piece based on this source. I say resolved, but as I now realise what seems resolved when I set out to make it becomes just another set of steps along the way! So this piece is finished but I now know there are further ways to explore this inspiring image. I just need some more time to explore it.
I've done this piece without the use of my workroom, which is the repository of all the spare bedroom furniture while it is decorated- oh so frustrating.
This is the completed piece.

You can now see why I think there are more aspects to explore!

Silent again.....

My email has been hacked! The following weeks have been completely frustrating as access to all sorts of sites has been patchy, nonexistent or I've been shut out! I love technology, until it goes wrong and then I loath it!
I've been working away but unable to communicate with the world. 
I think all is now well so I can get back to writing about what I do and sharing it.