Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas Quilts 3

Progress is lower than I'd expected because I've been out enjoying myself too much! So now I am up against the deadline. Rob's quilt is now put together minus the border, so adding borders tomorrow and starting to put on the binding. Why do I do this to myself?? The one bonus of doing all these bits for the children is that I'm itching to get back to real creative work again which is just as well as I have 4 JQs to complete in January!!!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas Quilts 2

I am really up against the clock trying to complete these two quilts for my great nephew and niece. I have tried to be too clever with this one! A combination of photographs printed onto fabric to create blocks and appliqué panels with roads and houses mean that this is not the run of the mill effort. My great nephew is mad about Fireman Sam and anything to do with emergency services so this is where I have drawn my images. I have been delighted with the Cotton Jacquard printing fabric from Artvango and I found a very colourful panel that I have cut to give a top and tail to the quilt and used sections on the back as well.
Now I just have to keep working everyday to ensure that it gets finished, can't give one a quilt and not the other can I?

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Christmas Quilts

I have been off line trying to make progress on Christmas presents that I should have started so much earlier! I'm nearly finished making a bed quilt for my great niece Emma, she's 3. I found some lovely fresh looking fabrics at Serenity Quilts, a trader at a recent quilt show. Crisp white with pink, blue and green and some panels of cartoon creatures and lollipops.
I have used the basis of the pattern provided by Serenity Quilts, but bought additional fabric to make a larger piece, I have broken up the blocks with the panel strips.
I broke the design into 3 sections and quilted each separately and then stitch them together, this was much easier to manage on the machine. Its all machined now and the last thing I have to do is piece and quilt the borders and then add them! This is it without the borders.
With any luck this will be ready for Christmas. More problematic is Rob's - he is really fascinated by emergency services - Fireman Sam etc so I am using images printed onto fabric made into blocks and then creating roadways as borders between the blocks! Its just that I ran out of fabric to print on and am waiting with baited breath for Artvango too deliver!! So watch this space......