Sunday, 27 June 2010

Quilts from the email!

The 4 UFOs so far!Photos in this order!
Australia 1 - 135cm x 160cm (more borders than next)Click on the image to see which is which.
Australia 2 - 110cm x 130cm
Tiles - 119cm x 115cm
Real Simple - 101cm x 100cm (Tuesday - has now been found a good home!!!)
Click on each image to see bigger image and click again for an enlargement, you'll see more of how it was quilted.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Back to work again!

Our week in Pembroke was excellent. The weather sunny and hot and the scenery pretty. The lovely weather meant that I was less good at sitting with my machine quilting UFOs!! So, 1 finished and another half done but many good walks on the cliff tops to really unspoilt beaches, a stunning castle to visit and a day in St David's - blown away by the stunning roof to the nave.
Now its back to work again.
My Dad lives in a British Legion residential home and I'm now racing to make then a wall hanging to go in the raffle. I found some Poppy fabrics and have designed a really simple quilt which I should be able to piece and quilt in 3 weeks!!!
Photos are of the pieces cut and put on my design wall.
Off to V and A Quilts exhibition tomorrow so stitching starts in earnest on Sunday.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Margaret Every Challenge - 4

Yesterday I went to see the Strawberries and Cream exhibition at the Bramble Patch, keen to see what others had made of the chosen fabrics. It was a very diverse group of textiles. Those choosing the more traditional fabric in the main produced traditional style quilts based on blocks, some of which were quite exquisitely made.
Those choosing the lettering fabric produced a huge range of work from a bag to a bed sized quilt, but most were wall hanging pieces. It is always interesting to see ones own work hanging alongside others, to see the different interpretations and approaches to the same stimulus. At least I did not feel totally out classed, and I was glad that I had taken part this year.
If the fabric is right I'll have another go next year as the discipline of having to work on something provided is good for the creative muscle!

Now I have a week away, a sort of retreat, and a chance to try and finish a number of quilts, freeing me up to be able to start a new piece on my return!

Monday, 7 June 2010

June JQ

Month 6 on the same theme - I wasn't sure that I could sustain this many pieces on the same theme, but I now know that I need a new theme for the last 6 months!
Having been introduced to Cunin Felt and heat distressing it, I thought that this would be an appropriate finish for rusty metal things! My experiments were far too heavily quilted and the heat could not get through, so in the end I have used the felt on its own, heat distressed. I've combined this with a print of cogs which I cut in half so the resulting image is an amalgam of two types of work. Its certainly different, a departure for me, and that's why I wanted the challenge!
I'm quite pleased with them as a set. It was interesting to try distressing the felt, but I am not sure that this is a technique that I'll use a again in a hurry.