Friday, 19 July 2013

Popular Patchwork

Contemporary Expressions group exhibition is the feature of an article on page 20 of the August edition of Popular Patchwork magazine! Linda Forey, a member of the group, outlines the work leading up to the invitation to exhibit and shares some images of some of the quilts to be hung at the Carrefour Europeen du Patchwork at Ste Marie-aux-Mines, Alsace, France in September this year.

Bookwraps - nearly there!

The lovely Ice Maidens surprised me again with more donations of Bookwraps on Saturday and after a busy day going through them all and organising them into the four days of Festival, I am delighted to report that we should have 400 to be won each day!

My 2010 Journal Quilts have made a total of seven Bookwraps.
Here are four of them:
And a further 2!
Soon it will all be over...... I've learned alot and been heartened by the amazing generosity of some. I am really looking forward to having time to devote to my work again!

Saturday, 6 July 2013

A lot of silence......

The trouble with having a textiles blog is that unless you are being actively creative there is nothing to write about! A combination of having an operation on my knee and managing the Bookwrap Gems project for the Festuval of Quilts I've not had the time to very creative! Lots of ideas buzzing around my head but they will have to wait until mid August.
With my Bookwraps hat on, I found my collection of 2010 Contemporary Quilt Journals for that year. Wrapped up in a drawer,  I had exhibited them twice but had no other use in mind. Folded in half they would make perfect Bookwraps for an A6 notebook.
So here is a really simple way of creating a Bookwrap.
This is the 2010 Journal.
Unpick the hand stitching of the binding on the reverse.
Cut a four and half inch strip, and from it 4 four and half inch squares.
Fold the square in half to give a right angle corner.
Place each triagle at the corners on the inside of the Journal quilt, fold the binding back to the RS and pin.
Stitch around the JQ within the seam allowance.
Now fold the binding back over the raw edges, pin and slop hem in place.
Finished Bookwrap!
I've made 5 in two days, easy !