Friday, 28 January 2011

2011 Journal Quilts - Feb Quilt?

I wanted to create this quilt using the rock strata as the main inspiration. Layers of voile placed over the applique shapes and strata type layers of stitching placed on the surface. One layer of voile cut cut back and a second colour laid on to with further stitching. Finally, some heat distressing and more voile cut away before machine embroidered seed heads added.
Starting early means that I may not submit this, but treat it as a sample as I try further ideas for my FoQ quilt. I don't need to submit until the end of the quarter by which time I should have a range of options.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

2011 Journal Quilts

I I learned so much from taking part in the JQs last year that I'm going to sign up for it again. This year the rules have changes a little, we are working annually from February and the size is 10" x 10". In addition we have to include a circle/circles in Feb/Mar/Ap/May and Lettering in June/July/Aug/Sept and buttons/buttonholes in Oct, Nov, Dec/Jan. This level of prescription would be quite interesting except for my wish to use the JQs as practice pieces for my main pieces related to Jordan. I'm quite comfortable with using the circles and as I've already printed one piece of fabric with lettering the second four months will be fine. The last 4 will need to be related to something different I think, but they are far enough away for me not to need to exercise my brain over it yet!!
So...... my first JQ this year is based on a simplified section of rock which I have repeated once. Its a collage of fabrics bondawebed to muslin. I am going to over lay sections with voile, stitching one layer, cutting and then adding a second colour, at least twice before I put any wadding on and add surface texture.

Monday, 24 January 2011

ISG experiments pt 2

There are at least two prongs to my approach. Having looked at the wonderful patterns and colours in the rocks I have started some experiments to look at creating interpretations of them and then taking small areas and looking at repeating them.
First I created a collage of fabrics bondawebbed to muslin, then over laid these with two layers of voile. I then stitched into the layers in different ways before using the heat gun to distress areas, cutting some areas away completely and others in parts and added a fringe to accentuate the fold of the rocks and finally applied markel stick to some of the remaining voile area to reduce the shine.
I like the shapes so my next experiment will be to simplify again and look at repetition and repetition in different sizes.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

CQ "Put-em-in" day in Region 7

Yesterday about 15 of us met to spend the day making items for the FoQ Tombola, which this year is items that can contain something!
We had a very productive day sharing our ideas - we had all contributed a pattern with fabrics for others to try. There were some really stunning ideas which many of us will use for ourselves at a later date. So much more fun to do this as a group.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

First ISG Experiments

This morning I took the plunge to begin working on my series based on images from Jordan. I have always been interested in in using writing in quilts and these will be no exception. I've created 2 Thermofax screens with a section of text about Jordan which I will use to create background interest in fabrics. The text can be read and does make sense but its function is to create pattern and layers of texture. I am also using some arabic calligraphy to create interest.
This morning I have printed a short length of my own dyed fabric, just to see how the inks, meshes and my ideas work. I may use the length later but it is an experiment. My main concern today is that my hand dyed fabric is very creased and is reluctant to shed its creases!!
Next I want to look at some patterns that I can seek to repeat to form designs.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Ideas of Inspiration

I have joined this blog recently, a lovely collection of themed images which we contribute to as we find suitable pictures. They are an ecclectic mix. This month we have been posting images of things connected to L, anything related to a Star and now images connected to M.
I have enjoyed having another reason to take photos regularly and to really look at objects.
I've put 3 of my images here for you to see and a link to the blog.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Setting my goals for 2011

Now that I have attended the first "Independant Study Group" meeting I'm able to share my goals for this year.
* To produce the fabrics needed for my ISG projects myself, learning to dye, print and distress fabrics and to be able to replicate these.
* To master the step between research and a final design in a systematic way.
* To use my experience of visiting Jordan to provide the stimulus for my ISG work.
* To produce a quilt in this theme for FoQ 2011
* To learn how to sustain working in a series and to have sufficient preparatory work to produce at least 2 further pieces once the course is over.
* To take part in the Journal Quilt project and to use my Jordan theme for this.
To be prepared to work outside my comfort zone more frequently.

I am really looking forward to working with Bren Boardman and my fellow tutees, they are a really interesting group of textile artists with the common theme of being sharers and teachers in their own right.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

2010 Goals - Learning from the mistakes?

At the start of this year I set myself 4 initial challenges and its now time to evaluate my achievements:
* Joining Contemporary Quilt and undertaking their Journal Quilt challenge of one small quilt each month for a year. This will focus my thinking and ensure that I try a number of variations on a theme. - Achieved - all 12 made and a great learning experience
* Taking part in Region 7 CQ group quilt for FoQ 2010 - to use printing, stamping, sheers and other skills newer to me. - Achieved - It was scary starting this as I had no idea what any of the others were creating and because it was so open ended except for the size, I enjoyed it.
* Taking a Machine Embroidery, day a month course with Angie Hughes at The Bramblepatch - need to have greater confidence. - Definitely have more confidence on the machine and am now happy to machine quilt my work.
* Producing a quilt for the Margaret Every Challenge cup in June 2010 -0 just because I love the use of lettering in quilts and the challenge fabric is full of lettering! - Achieved and the quilt has gone to a good home with a very good friend of mine!

This would suggest that my targets were not sufficiently stretching - I'll have to think hard about what to to try to achiev this year.

A new beginning, another year...

Happy New Year to you all. We had a very festive evening last night with family and friends and its been a quiet day here today.
My fabric cupboard is almost cleaned up, with parcels to go to a school textile dept, embroiders guild and linus with all the fabric I have hoarded for so long but can't see myself ever doing anything with. Its quite a wrench to part with some of it but I need the space!
I think I shall have to take a trip to IKEA to get more storage boxes and some shelving, then I really will have no excuse not to work productively.
I'm working with Bren Boardman, a day a month, this year and have started to get my sketchbook and a folder together as I will need to have a clear idea of how to use the first session which is next Saturday. Its too expensive to waste even a moment! I will try to keep you up to date with my progress and the developments I make over the year. I'm going to base my work around my trip to Jordan.