Saturday, 1 January 2011

2010 Goals - Learning from the mistakes?

At the start of this year I set myself 4 initial challenges and its now time to evaluate my achievements:
* Joining Contemporary Quilt and undertaking their Journal Quilt challenge of one small quilt each month for a year. This will focus my thinking and ensure that I try a number of variations on a theme. - Achieved - all 12 made and a great learning experience
* Taking part in Region 7 CQ group quilt for FoQ 2010 - to use printing, stamping, sheers and other skills newer to me. - Achieved - It was scary starting this as I had no idea what any of the others were creating and because it was so open ended except for the size, I enjoyed it.
* Taking a Machine Embroidery, day a month course with Angie Hughes at The Bramblepatch - need to have greater confidence. - Definitely have more confidence on the machine and am now happy to machine quilt my work.
* Producing a quilt for the Margaret Every Challenge cup in June 2010 -0 just because I love the use of lettering in quilts and the challenge fabric is full of lettering! - Achieved and the quilt has gone to a good home with a very good friend of mine!

This would suggest that my targets were not sufficiently stretching - I'll have to think hard about what to to try to achiev this year.

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