Wednesday, 26 January 2011

2011 Journal Quilts

I I learned so much from taking part in the JQs last year that I'm going to sign up for it again. This year the rules have changes a little, we are working annually from February and the size is 10" x 10". In addition we have to include a circle/circles in Feb/Mar/Ap/May and Lettering in June/July/Aug/Sept and buttons/buttonholes in Oct, Nov, Dec/Jan. This level of prescription would be quite interesting except for my wish to use the JQs as practice pieces for my main pieces related to Jordan. I'm quite comfortable with using the circles and as I've already printed one piece of fabric with lettering the second four months will be fine. The last 4 will need to be related to something different I think, but they are far enough away for me not to need to exercise my brain over it yet!!
So...... my first JQ this year is based on a simplified section of rock which I have repeated once. Its a collage of fabrics bondawebed to muslin. I am going to over lay sections with voile, stitching one layer, cutting and then adding a second colour, at least twice before I put any wadding on and add surface texture.

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