Thursday, 20 January 2011

First ISG Experiments

This morning I took the plunge to begin working on my series based on images from Jordan. I have always been interested in in using writing in quilts and these will be no exception. I've created 2 Thermofax screens with a section of text about Jordan which I will use to create background interest in fabrics. The text can be read and does make sense but its function is to create pattern and layers of texture. I am also using some arabic calligraphy to create interest.
This morning I have printed a short length of my own dyed fabric, just to see how the inks, meshes and my ideas work. I may use the length later but it is an experiment. My main concern today is that my hand dyed fabric is very creased and is reluctant to shed its creases!!
Next I want to look at some patterns that I can seek to repeat to form designs.

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  1. Oh I do like your screen printing. Lets see where it goes...