Saturday, 6 July 2013

A lot of silence......

The trouble with having a textiles blog is that unless you are being actively creative there is nothing to write about! A combination of having an operation on my knee and managing the Bookwrap Gems project for the Festuval of Quilts I've not had the time to very creative! Lots of ideas buzzing around my head but they will have to wait until mid August.
With my Bookwraps hat on, I found my collection of 2010 Contemporary Quilt Journals for that year. Wrapped up in a drawer,  I had exhibited them twice but had no other use in mind. Folded in half they would make perfect Bookwraps for an A6 notebook.
So here is a really simple way of creating a Bookwrap.
This is the 2010 Journal.
Unpick the hand stitching of the binding on the reverse.
Cut a four and half inch strip, and from it 4 four and half inch squares.
Fold the square in half to give a right angle corner.
Place each triagle at the corners on the inside of the Journal quilt, fold the binding back to the RS and pin.
Stitch around the JQ within the seam allowance.
Now fold the binding back over the raw edges, pin and slop hem in place.
Finished Bookwrap!
I've made 5 in two days, easy !


  1. Minimum intervention, good idea!

  2. A really good idea. Wonder if I have any JQs lying around.

  3. Thanks for this. It has given me another direction for mine although I have just decided that one I was about to attack is too nice for recycling. A word of advice to others: 2010 was the year I learnt how to make extra narrow bindings which means they are too narrow for this technique and I am having to remove them completely and put new new ones on.