Sunday, 15 June 2014


CQ have challenged members to create a quilt on this theme for Festival of Quilts this year. I have decided, far too late really, that I want to interpret an astonishing electron microscope image of a nano particle dislocation I came across on the Brown University web site. 

The dislocations are the ribbon like structures.
With time in short supply I have chosen to use commercially produced fabrics and have already created the base structure of the quilt.

I have spent this evening hand stitching and beading the top third.

Tomorrow I will be experimenting with the ribbon like structures. So, watch this space!


  1. Oh good. 19 entered so far. Quilting on mine nearly done. Another half hour and all the machining will be done. Then it's just the beading and the hanging sleeve. Yours sounds intriguing. Hilary

  2. It does sound intriguing - mine is on the way too!

  3. Look forward to seeing them all this year.