Sunday, 12 January 2014

Northamptonshire Guild of Craftsmen Exhibition

I've just been to see this local exhibition of work by artists practicing in many different materials. Lovely to see that there is so much talent about. I loved the basketry of Maggie Smith, her platters would make great recepticals for fruit or cheese at table and her fireside baskets brilliant for logs. There was some interesting Stained Glass and  a stunning occasional table in what looked like Walnut that I would love to own if I had a large enough space to put it in.
The pieces that I was particularly interested in were by Wendy Davies, a textiles artist, producing beautiful little gems of exquisite stitchery. She has given permission for me to include images of her work here.
Really interesting combinations of fabric and stitch that make you want to peer more deeply into them.

These beautiful little monochromatic appliqués cleverly mounted on a metal frame.

Very interesting use of industrial hardware to showcase these interesting paper and stitch compositions.

It does ones soul good to see that craft skills in art forms are being created and that at this exhibition pieces were selling too.

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