Thursday, 9 January 2014

Making a "Tool Roll"

As a treat, before Christmas, the embroidery class made Tool Rolls! White and cream fabric, torn into strips and stitched down onto light weight cotton was tray dyed to create the outside and embellished with stitching and beads between classes.
The inside was made the following class. Toning cotton fabric formed the base with matching fabrics for pockets and scissor holder.

All applied and stitched in place.
We drew round the scissors and then machine embroidered round the shapes. Strings were attached at the opening of each scissor slot to anchor the scissors in place when carried about.

Space dyed felt was folded and stitched through to form a needle case and a pad of felt for pins.
Slots were stitched in the narrow pocket to hold thimble , eraser, machine needles etc.

The inside was then matched to the outside ,wrong sides together and the raw edges bound.

Cords were made and inserted to tie the roll up.
Brilliant and great fun to do!

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