Monday, 10 March 2014

Paul Klee at Tate Modern

Better late than never! I've been sleeping better and working hard to finish work and Blogging has suffered.
I had a wonderful day at Tate Modern seeing the Klee exhibition. I have always loved his paintings; have a large print of one in the dining room and yet have never seen any until now in the flesh. The most surprising thing was that faced with so many pictures I was really struck by the degree to which they reminded me of textiles or were capable of being interpreted as textiles.  "Green X above left" and "Brown Striving at Right Angles" could both be potential little textile pieces, natural dyed plains and overlaid voiles while "Redgreen and violet yellow Rhythms" with its surface elements begged to be stitched!

"Structural I I " with its squares and rectangles and light geometric etchings and "Pastorale (Rhythms) "painted in 1927 was incised like a catalogue of stitched motifs.

His use of colour gradations was interesting, giving a real sense of movement and the detailed description of how this was achieved, something I'll try with dyes next time I'm colouring fabrics.
Some pieces were linked in my brain with Kandinsky, and I was drawn to the abstract shapes and shading in some pieces .

I have come away more in awe of his talent than before and determined to look at a simple piece of textiles learning from what I have seen.

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