Thursday, 13 March 2014

Learning to create multilayer embroidery

My embroidery classes have taught me a whole range of stitches but I now need to know how to combine them together!
So our tutor set us a challenge. Bring a photo of a textured surface and she would tutor us through how to try to interpret it.
I chose two photos of rust.

We then chose a suitable coloured background or coloured a fabric to suit. I had some recently created rust cloth so used this as my starting point.

I then took some dyed scrim, pulled it about and then randomly stitched it down with huge sorbello stitches. Couched down some yellow felt, too bright so rubbed some felt tip pen over it to soften the effect. I also cut up some small pieces of felt and then attached them with big stitches. All this so counter intuitive as one had been taught as a child that ones stitching had to be even and neat!

Since this point I have been adding further layers, all the time referencing back to my rust photos. It's not complete yet, I need some more advice before I add more.

It's been such an interesting exercise; so many taboos squashed but I'm still a hesitant chooser of the right stitch to use.
I'll post again when I solve the "what next" question!

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