Monday, 5 July 2010

The Poppy Quilt

I have had such fun putting together this very simple wall hanging/throw as a raffle prize for the British Legion home my dad lives in. Its so far away its hard to get involved, but this is one way in which I can help a little. They do such a brilliant job, its the most unlike an old people's home I've ever seen and everyone is so friendly even when I can only get down once a month or so.
I've concentrated on the surface stitching on this work rather than fancy piecing, my machine skills are definitely improving with Angie Hughes' tuition and lots more practice than before. I found some spacers sold for jewellery making which work really well as flower centres and cut "poppy" out of a photo printed piece of fabric. Now I only have to make a sleeve and attach it and I can send it off.
Next is the July JQ and then I'm allowing myself to design and start a new piece for my sister in law - I have a colour scheme but now can start to think about shape, and pattern - its such fun!

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  1. A really lovely piece and so appropriate.