Monday, 19 July 2010

July JQ

I knew last month that I had exhausted the "Cog" theme and that I would need to go in a different direction for the 2nd set of 6 this year. Quite by chance Angie Hughes' last session was colouring and embellishing white velvet and during the day I managed to get the wet stages done on 2 pieces of velvet and had started to add foils to one of them. The work came home and I put it to one side, as you do, almost forgetting about it!
Now, with 3 quilts posted off to their various new homes I was looking around for the a small piece of work - and found the coloured velvet!
I have had such fun with it - the piece has a very "Sixties" feel about it - perhaps because I'm approaching the big six oh this year!
1. This piece was spray dyed with Dynaflow dyes and dried.
2. Black Quink Ink was then sprayed over the surface randomly and allowed to dry.
3. The next stage involved stencils and bleach, the bleach removing the Quink in the spaces in the stencil leaving the black tracery. It was then left to dry.
4. Next I used acrylic paint to stamp designs over the surface and let that dry.
5. I added sweety foils using bondaweb and transfoils using misty fuse.
6. I then added black organza over the whole piece and added wadding, free machine embroidering round the foils and some of the stencil patterns.
7. I finished the piece off with couched yarns and a zig-zag.
Its a much more experimental piece than usual for me, I've loved doing it and will use some of the techniques again.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the techniques that you used as this is a very lovely piece.