Friday, 23 July 2010

Angie's homework & August JQ planning

Our homework this month was to look at the textile artists that we like and admire, analyse why they appeal to us and then produce a piece of work based on those artists. Its been an interesting piece of analysis - I find that I am drawn to the abstract and to the use of rich colours no matter what techniques have been used. I can see that influence looking at my own work, I certainly use lots of in your face colour and very few pales.
However, while I enjoy more restful work, limited pale colour pallets and losts of surface texture, such as work by Sheena Norquay I do not seek to work in that way myself.
I think my short list of artists with the most influence on me would be: Kathy Kleeman; Nancy Crow; Sandra Meech; Katie Pasquini Masopust; Bobby Britnall and Mary Sleigh. Not I hasten to add that I can achieve anything remotely on a par with their work but I feel an affinity with the way they use fabric and thread!
So I am now experimenting with ideas for my piece, above are photos of some screen prints I've made on two joined pieces of fabric and some possible layout for adding sheers to the piece. More to follow when I get some further inspiration!


  1. The printed pieces are lovely and the addition of the sheers is very interesting.

  2. Looks like it'll develop into an interesting piece of work - I hope you'll keep posting your progress.