Monday, 26 July 2010

Angie's Homework & August JQ 2

Trying to de-clutter all but my work room - really hard to do but I'm fed up with living in a junk shop!!! So little time for my work. Wednesday is my deadline for Angie's homework so I have been experimenting. My notion of combining the two things has been scuppered by my lack attention to detail!! Angie's homework is too big to be a JQ and I'd loose the composition if I cut it back to size. So..... I'm experimenting with another, on the same theme, this time with the size marked out at the start!!
I added a frayed strip at the join and another to the right, but don't like the way it breaks up the space, so have removed it. I like the leaves which were transfoiled befoe printing and the red print links with the red voille.
I really liked using "Mistyfuse" with the transfoils - definitely do that again. and I do like the screen printed text as a background. Will get another couple of screens done - Thermofax are great.
Now I just have to trim and edge my work for Angie tomorrow and relax over the JQ - its not August yet!!

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