Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Lutterworth Embroiderers' Exhibition

Lutterworth branch are a  very well supported group with many very talented members. their recent exhibition was an excellent showcase for their varied talents.
A lovely mix of two and three dimensional pieces, some of which were made as a result of one of their weekend workshops.
I was particularly taken with a set of four minimalist landscape embroideries made by Norma Tannahill-Kay. Very evocative of wide open spaces and reminded me of some of my favourite areas of Namibia.

Mary Hart exhibited a series of five landscape pieces worked on hand dyed fabric with hand dyed threads. "Golden yellow Oil Seed Rape in April" was the one that spoke most strongly to me.

Lutterworth Embroiderers' also manage to create a wide range of saleable items including lovely little packs of fabrics and threads just to get you setting off to stitch. I bought a couple of cards made by Sarah Adcock ( A Village Quilter) pieced paper and marks which I loved.

An impressive exhibition.
Don't miss the Market Harborough Embroiderers' Exhibition on 14th and 15th September in Marston Trussell village hall as a part of Market Harborough Artist's Trail.

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