Thursday, 15 August 2013

Festival .... again

I had set out this year to spend my time with quilts looking at styles of composition to help develop my ability to produce more designs that work. The time for such study was missing in the end so I concentrated on looking at little details within  quilts.
Dorothy Caldwell's huge piece "How do we know when it's light" included some lovely little examples of detailed stitch and pattern.
Lost, unless you stood really close to see the detail. I loved the rough stitches. So, if the detail is lost when looking at the whole piece, what is the function of the detail?

I have long admired Ineke Berlyn's stunning work and was very drwn to her piece "People"

The use of repeated shapes in different sizes and the clever use of limited colour. How, I ask myself did she decide where to put the orange and what difference would it have made if it had been placed somewhere else? These are some of the questions I need to find ways of trying to understand!

When you look at Sarah Welsby's piece "Memories of Dungerness"  you stand back and try to take in the whole. To do this this you miss the detail that makes up the overall effect. Again, what influences where the little block of colour are put?

Pauline Burbidge's Causeway III was interesting for the marks made on each square and the simplicity of the stitch. It raised all sorts of questions in my mind about process and about simplicity and detail. The sense of breeze blowing was very strong.

Christine Seager's piece "Pieces of Crow XL" were dynamic and eye catching but the subtle changes in quilting direction lost unless one "stepped- in " to the Quilt. In fact stepping back the moire fringes gave the piece movement, dancing before our eyes.

So... I have more questions than answers.... but working on these answers will be an important aspect of what I'll try and work on this year.

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