Monday, 12 August 2013

Festival of Quilts

 It's always exciting to see ones own work hanging at an exhibition. The festival is no exception. I had two quilts on show, one in the Guild Challenge and one in Contemporary Quilts.
"Ammonites Revealed" began last year with with the purchase of a length of beautiful cotton, dyed and printed by Esther in Ghana and toning silks which took shape gradually before being shown at the Bramble Patch at their Easter exhibition. Its destined to be hung in my sister's new house.

The trouble with festival is that unless you create a piece wide enough or long enough yours gets hung with others at very close quaters, detracting from them all.
The second piece was based on images of Sri Lankan roadside stalls and the sari, silks and printing blocks that came home with me. It was entered into the Guild Challenge - "Transported".

I really enjoyed making it, something different for me. No idea what I'll do with it and no excuse to make Bookwraps from it this time!
I have come home with another length of fabric from Esther in Ghana and some silk and we shall see over the next few months what I come with this time!


  1. I spotted the first one, but missed the second one. Sorry about that.

    Your sister is a lucky lady.

  2. Both lovely pieces and I so agree with you about the hanging of smaller pieces.