Thursday, 22 August 2013

Play Day

Monday was fabulous! Permission to get stuck in to large sheets of paper and lots of paint!
The Weedon Bec Creative Textiles Group, the East Midlands meeting of CQ and friends, met to explore summer flowering gardens as a source of design ideas for our quilting. Led by one of the members, we worked big, using acrylic paint and anything BUT a brush.
You have no idea how liberating that was for a non- artist.
I started off and realised that I was still trying to " paint" a garden - not what I had been asked to do and constraining because , of course, it wasn't a good depiction!
With an old credit card in hand I then worked on overblown roses, but not as you see them in the garden. See below.

A couple like this in shocking pink and yellow .

My brain eventually began to see another possibility. If I painted abstract sheets of colour, I could use the scanner to print them onto fabrics which I could then use in my work.
Two abstract samples below.

The following day I did print the image onto a pre  prepared  sheet of fabric. The only problem was that image was washed out . ( a problem with that particular type of fabric sheet )
If I saturate the colour in Photoshop, and try again, it should work better.

A really excellent way of making a non painter gain confidence with paint and get interesting textile images as well. Thanks Linda.


  1. Great fun wasn't it? Your results are so vibrant.

  2. I am green with envy! Sounds quite fabulous! And the idea of prints from the work as well sounds a great idea.

  3. Wow. Looks like you had great fun and produced great fabric too.