Sunday, 1 September 2013

Playing with line designs

I've enrolled again for another year of embroidery classes. We are starting off with design work, much needed by me, which I hope will have a positive effect on my own designing for quilts.
This is the aspect of my work that needs the most attention. I generally start from a collection of luscious fabrics and a vague idea of how I want to use them and then the quilt grows a bit like "Topsy", culminating in a quilt that doesn't quite work! My mission this year is to try and conquer this approach!
So have to learn to love my pencil and enjoy my Coloursoft crayons!
Working against the clock to limit thinking and worrying time we worked on a whole range of different lines and marks, quite liberating. Then isolating small sections of some of the drawings we enlarged them and begin to look at the textures that might fill them.

I tried this with several selections, each of them teaching me a little bit more about what works well and what doesn't.

What I need time to do now is to try a small composition based on a couple of these to see how I can translate them into my work. Perhaps little hand stitch pieces that can be carried with me on my travels.

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  1. Your work looks great - who are you taking your course with?