Wednesday, 25 September 2013

More design ideas for embroidery

It has been really interesting to spend time on simple methods of achieving design ideas. I have in the past used lettering to create a design and I remember visiting an exhibition of quilts at the Barbican in London years and years ago, where a very striking design had been drawn from lettering.
I spent a chunk of a day playing with possibilities for abstract work.

I first used a headline from a newspaper working in black and white and then adding colour. Where shapes touched new shapes were created when shaded. I could see this being useful in creating a sinple motif to be added to an item. Next I played with my name, but only then realised that the presence of two A's gave be far too much "background!

By choosing a different font style I had less "background" to deal with and Alyssa made a reflected letter combination which could be worth exploring as a signature on the back of quilts for instance.
I love days that open your eyes to something new!

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