Friday, 25 January 2013

Quilt in the making....

I am finally working on the stunning collection of fabrics that I bought at Festival of Quilts in August! I have admired the work of the Ghana based producer- Esther- bought from The African Fabric shop  (
The rich colour and texture of the fabric was what drew me and with a few beautiful plain silks I had my palette.
Its a very abstract piece, using the spiral motifs that can be found within the fabric and which made me think of ammonites, the way they emerge from the rocks. Below are a couple of close-ups.
I am so enjoying working on this piece, its no hardship to spend hours on it and I'll miss it when I'm done! It goes on show at  Easter at The Bramble Patch, Weedon, Northants in the "Creative Explorations" exhibition where we will showcase the Quilt plus how we got there!
Markal Stick stencil with hand stitched herringbone.
Machine stitched circles following a spiral pattern.
I just have 4 weeks to get this finished!

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