Friday, 4 January 2013

"Hemmed in" Exhibition in MK

The year started with a visit to MKG - the Milton Keynes Art Gallery for an exhibition of Embroidery from local embroiderers; invited embroiders' pieces;  work from the Embroiderers' Guild collection, and specially selected works. Displayed properly, in a Gallery really does give textiles a proper showcase. Its very encouraging to find Textiles in an Art Gallery setting.
I was totally blown away by "Indian Squares" by Jean Draper (1985) a stunning magenta and gold framed composition on silk, with sqaure blocks of papers, lace and  stitch , wispy long threads, beads and wonderful long straight hand stitches which framed the smaller squares. I would love to be able to live with such a piece!
I'd love to put a photo here, pictures for personal use were allowed but not for publication.
The MK Embroiderers' Guild members had set themselves a challenge to create an 8" square eveocation of Milton Keynes, this brought out a wide variety of techniques and aspects of life in the city.
Of the selected artists chosen by Jamie Chalmers (Mr X Stitch) I was very taken by 2 tiny pieces by Karen Grenfell "OMG" and "Jump" which were hand embrioidery on a hand painted canvas - very modern and fresh in graffiti style.
The exhibition finishes on Sunday, so still two more days to catch it if you are in the area.

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  1. Hello Sarah

    I have posted some pics on my blog. I did fill in a photographers form when I was there, and explained that I wanted to publish them on the blog. They were cool with that.