Thursday, 31 January 2013

More stitches.....

Little did I think when I started this course that sitting stitching hand embroidery stitches could be such a beguiling way to use up a day!
Yesterday we learned about Pulled Thread work - muslin and scrim at the ready we experimented with the thickness of thread, the number of threads pulled and patterns to be created. It became quite addictive and when we then looked at well know embroiderers' pieces we were amazed at what could be achieved by "just clumping threads together and creating holes!"
This is what I tried when using scrim:
Then I used the muslin and tried to create flowers.

I then experimented by fraying away the excess muslin, its looks quilte effective against a coloured background.
A lovely day, now I just need to think about how this technique might be used in the future! Do try it, oh so simple and very quick to grow!

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  1. That looks really effective. I rarely do anything by hand - but I really need to get to grips with this technique. Just imagine how wonderful this could look if the muslin was dyed.