Monday, 28 January 2013

Joining Journal Quilts again

After a year off, watching vicariously as other worked their ways through the 3 colours of the 2012 challenge, I'm really looking forward to working on the 2013 challenge. The size is 12 x 8" landscape. We have to declare a theme on which all 12 Journal Quilts will be clearly able to be linked.
It means planning more thoroughly than usual, not my strong point in fabric, and being able to sustain the creative activity on the one theme all year. It has been really interesting listening to others talk about what they have chosen and the rationale for their choices.  I am very drawn to ethnic artefacts and designs and have narrowed my choice down to working from either Native American designs or from motifs found in Central African cloth and artefacts. Both share strong colours and distinctive patterning.
South West American patterns above are very appealing and definitely my colours!
The Andinka images from Africa also appeal and I now have to make a choice!
I still have a couple of days to make the choice, so I think I'll make a couple of samples to see how I feel.


  1. I would think both of these themes would have a lot of scope to cover a year. I'm going to join the Journal Quilt challenge this year after having last year off too. Enjoy the journey! I hope I will too.

  2. I am mulling on the quilt challenge. I did think that I would join and had a theme in mind, but then got a bit discouraged by the orientation. I will make up my mind this week!