Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Just one stitch!

Harking back to the "Hemmed In" exhibition and my embroidery course this academic year I have been really struck by what it is possible to achieve using only one stitch in a piece of work. As an embroidery "outsider" I had never appreciated the possibilities repetative use of one stitch could create. My tutor, Alyssa, showed us work from a Guild challenge to only use on stutch and the results were quite amazing.
At "Hemmed In" there was a piece by Susannah Hope "Portrait" done in 1990 where the whole piece was stitched using long straight stitches. The face was unbelievably realistic but when looked at close to was litterally just a collection on these long stitches.
This really impressed me.
I'm not generally drawn to realistic depictions, but here I love the loose, free execution and the effect it creates. Back to class in just over a week with lots of inspiration to spur me on!


  1. I loved this portrait too. It was so stunningly executed, yet, as you say, so simple in concept. The power of stitch.

  2. Hi Sarah,

    I am the Show Manager of the British Quilt & Stitch Show in Uttoxeter ( formerly the Quilts in the Garden Show ) and I just wanted to say that hope you will be coming to the show and just wondered if you will be entering our competition ?

    thanks and hope to meet you at the show,

    Angela Price