Tuesday, 1 July 2014

White Villages Abstraction

I am finding these little forays into design abstraction really rewarding. I am so grateful to Christine Restall for setting me off down this path. I feel that each time I begin with another image I am progressing my ability to really LOOK at the image and try to see the essence of the picture or place.
I've decided to move into the built environment this time, taking several photos of the white villages in  Andalusia in Southern Spain as my starting point.

With the previous two sets I have just started by collecting together fabrics as close to the colours in the image as I can, pondering what I might try and then diving in! This time I tried to spend rather more time on the ideas before I started with the fabric.

Sample one started where I had left off with the bluebells. I created a background made up of rectangular cream to beige fabrics and stretched a layer of us dyed plasterer's scrim over to tone down the considerable differences in tone within the background.

I then created a small "quilt" from the roof colours to sit as a tile over this background and created two diagonal lines of interest again in the roof colours.

I'm now really looking forward to trying my next ideas out!


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