Thursday, 17 July 2014

White village abstraction part 2

The white village theme has really gripped me and I am so enjoying playing with the colour and shapes. I'm quite perplexed by the fact that it has taken me so very long to realise how to use colour and shape to give the essence of things, places and feelings. It's made me even more aware of the importance of a proper Art and Design education and how valuable it would be to find a tutor who would take me through the basics, but with reference to textiles. You have to know a bit to realise that you need to learn more!
This time I have isolated one small area of the photo with its range of colours and created this as the focal point in a cream tile. It was hard to simplify the section of the photo and yet retain some of the sharpness of the angles and colour differences there are within a small area.
I enjoyed the freedom to quilt the background freely echoing the angles of the piecing.

I'm looking forward to working on the next stage but have a piece of embroidery I must do first!

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