Sunday, 6 July 2014

Matisse Cut Outs

I was really please to have made it down to see the Matisse exhibition at Tate Modern this week. My research was limited so I was stunned by the sheer scale of some of the pieces and their vibrant colours all these years later.

What also chimed with me was that the technique had been employed ,initially, as a stage in his creative process only to develop into the art works themselves. Here I find my lack of proper art education a difficulty as I always feel a distinct lack of vocabulary ,properly employed, to discuss what I have seen.
I was also aware that work which close to had a rough quality to it, when viewed from a distance lost that. 
In Oceania I marvelled at the totally simple lines that created the image of swallow or swift and it's freedom of the air.
I really loved the impact of the Vence studio wall recreation in Room 5 with all those amoebic shapes filling the wall. Their organic, restless movement and continuous lines a little like water in that the eye was always moving to see a new set of relationships between the positive and negative spaces created. I bought a print for my studio  so I can enjoy the brilliant colours and sense of fun which it brings me, I smile when I see it!

 The technical feat of drawing with charcoal on the end of a long pole was interesting as I find it difficult even with a long paintbrush!
What a creative mind was on show with these images, even more so when one recalls all his earlier works and the wonderful use of colour in these. I loved the show and came back smiling and happy!

Out on the millennium bridge the views of London were stunning but my eye was caught by a more modest scale building beside the Thames which looks like the start of a quilt design!

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