Sunday, 27 July 2014

Seaweed embroidery

Our Travelling book project continues and my next project has been to try and interpret seaweedy shallows. I found some images of seaweed, a watercolour art work and graphic image of seaweed.

I also found a piece of linen that I had indigo dyed and have used this as my background.
I started with space dyed scrim, pulling and teasing it out  and shaped some felt pieces to give me a ground to work on.

I have then added layer upon layer of stitch to try and achieve that tangled look. So the stitches are large and uneven.

At this point I also realised that my felt shapes were an unconscious use of shapes that Angie Lewin uses in her work!

Oh how influenced we are by the hundreds of images that we have looked at over time and absorbed in our brains. They come, unbidden , into designs and then become instantly recognisable as someone else's work. I suppose that for most of us there is no such thing as a totally new idea or design!

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