Sunday, 12 May 2013


I have never before even considered entering a quilt into the challenge category at Festival of Quilts (FoQ) but a happy set of coincidences has persuaded me this year!
The theme, "Transported" at first seemed to be unappealing until I realised that I has transported fabric and printing blocks back from my holiday in Sri Lanka and that I had an image in my mind that I would like  to explore! So I am busy putting it all together!
The idea - In every small community along the main roads we travelled in Sri Lanka there were really small "shops" in huts,shacks and buildings serving poor communities - here to enable people to access commodities they were sold in brightly coloured blister packs and sachets, hung across the shop. The other piece of the jigsaw in my mind was the fabulously curly Sri Lankan script . Our guide sent me home with Sri Lanka printed in Sinhala so that I could incorporate it. This was the seed of a design.
Not the greatest photo but taken from inside a vehicle while it was moving!
 This is an example of Sinhala script.
The materials - I bought a sari, woven from two coloured threads in an orange and brown - I think we call it an Oxford weave, the effect shimmers. This would be the background. I also bought some pieces of silk and three wooden printing blocks, I would work with these transported items!
This shows one of the printing blocks bought too.
 Armed with the raw materials I then set out to map out a detailed design, of which, more later!

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