Friday, 17 May 2013

"Transported 2"

With the basic ideas sorted I have spent quite some time just playing with ideas, but as fabric samples not drawings!
The first piece used a second sari, a brighter one and used voille "sachets". A huge departure for me and interesting to stitch into it with Kantha like hand stitches.

I loved the colours but quickly realised that the "sachets" did not show up at all. I also realised that with this hand stitching it would take me months to quilt, months I don't actually have!

I went back to the darker sari fabric and the silks I had brought home. I tried making square or rectangular "sachets" but they created too regular a pattern. Next I tried stitch and flip rectangles onto the sides of squares.

This gave me a more fluid pattern but the "sachets" were too plain so I tried block printing onto each section.

I was happy with this, the block has movement in it and echoes the tiny block I used to print onto the background.
Now I just have to solve the issue of the lettering!

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