Friday, 10 May 2013

Lutrador Experiments

After all the recent interruptions to normal life I returned to my embroidery class this week to find that we were looking at machine embroidery and Lutrador.
I have only had one experience of using Lutrador before, very unsuccessfully! So it was very good to  get to "play" when there was no burning need to include it within a piece of work. I now realise that I had tried to incorporate too large a piece of Lutrador onto a soft, quilty base.
Today we set out experiments onto pelmet vilene which provided a much more stable ground layer.
Lutrador took acrylic paints very easily and I loved the effects using metallic acrylic paint, sadly I forgot to photograph it at this stage!
Layering the Lutrador over cotton fabric we the stitched into the three layers and then used a blow torch to burn away areas of the Lutrador.
My main error was in choosing a busy background fabric, this made the whole thing far too bitty.
next we tried using two layers of Lutrador, both painted, over cotton and pelmet vilene and in addition to the machine stitching, used scissors to cut into the top layer so that the heat would expose the layer beneath.
This created a much more interesting set of effects and I could envisage using this again.
I so enjoy having the space and time to try out things, its surprising the effects that can come about and the "pings" that the brain then has about how one might use them!
I still have to get down to a piece for Festival of Quilts.......

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