Wednesday, 1 May 2013

"Into the Wildwood" part 3

I still had materials left and I had come into the course with a second idea that I was interested in exploring. I particularly wanted to use the painted and waxed anaglypta (sp?) and the painted fabric.
The design was simple.
I wanted to use a dark background so that the " trees"would stand out.

Here the "trees" are too big and clumsy so I reduced some in  width.
I introduced some voile as a horizontal element.
Added mushrooms from the painted, distressed and waxed paper and by then it was time to pack up and come away. So this composition is sitting on the design wall waiting for me to find a day with time to make it work in reality!
My fellow students were much more focussed and their pieces were more in keeping with Stephanie's style of working.
I have their permission to show some of the other completed work.

I think that I shall now feel able to create papers and fabrics in small quantities to include in pieces of work and will consider a wider range of hand stitches to apply these to my work after these two concentrated days.
Now I need to settle down to get a piece for Festival made........

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