Saturday, 4 May 2013

Gizella Warburton

My  Embroiderer's Guild branch recently hosted an evening with Gizella Warburton a textile artist who lives locally. I love her considered, pared back and abstract work. Its is all about the fabric and about stitch. The fabric, natural and often linen in different weights, makes full use of the raw edges and slub texture. The stitching, mostly by hand, echoes the marks made by brushes on canvas.
I was fascinated by her admission that work "grows", spending time on her design wall while she considers what next needs to be done, rather than in detailed drawings.
Gizella also shared with us her love of photography and her pictures from Snibston - her eye for detail and pattern became clear as did the inspiration behind many of her textile pieces. I really love the bare, stitchy nature of her work and was , in part, reminded of soem of Mathew Harris' work too,
I have to keep reminding myself when working that LESS can be MORE!

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  1. She came to the Lutterworth Embroiderers Guild and gave a great talk. I loved the simplicity of the pieces, her use of fabrics was really interesting too.