Monday, 30 January 2012

CQ 10 samples

I have been playing with the possibilities of using some Lutrador. Using the wheel image from the source material.
I have used painted Lutrador, painted Vilene and painted stitch and tear for the wheels on a painted Lutrador base over cotton.

  I have then looked at combining it with stitching. Most pieces have been appliqued onto the Lutrador, but other shapes have been machine embroidered or outline stitched.

It was a mistake to add wadding and a backing at this point, it would have been better to have just stitched through the blue fabric and Lutrador.
Once I had stitched all the elements I then used a heat gun to distress the Lutrador. I really like the way it disintegrates and the lacy patterns it creates, allowing a backing colour to show through.
The result of these experiments is that I know I want to include some Lutrador in the background, I may use some for the appliquéd shapes but some of the background will be a hand dyed cotton fabric. More experiments needed on how to combine all these elements together.

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  1. This is getting to look more and more promising, Sarah