Monday, 2 January 2012

Ctaching up

All this activity before Christmas has meant that I now have 4 JQs to complete before the end of January! Yes I was busy but I have also to confess that having to use buttons has totally turned me off these last 4. So..... I have used the last couple of quiet days to really think about what I could do. In the end I found a number of sayings about buttons and plan to create a little gem using the text and a button located somewhere appropriate (on the back by preference!) I also had a bag of sari strips and no idea how they might be useful to me - so tried pressing them and stitching them together. I can use this sample to create the background for the October JQ.
I remembered that I can use my machine can produce simple lettering so set it up to write "Button your lip" repeatedly in a line and stitch this on some of the strips. I then used freehand machine embroidery to write the same text in a larger space.
Finally I cup a simple paper stencil of a pair of lips and used markal stick to create a lip image on the piece, quilted it and stitch a button in the mouth.
October JQ done!

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