Tuesday, 10 January 2012

January JQ planning

My ideas for a January button JQ are noticeable by their absence! So I am falling back on a very simple appliqué design and some rather striking triangular buttons! I had plastic bag dyed the legs of a pair of old linen trousers some months ago, but done nothing with the fabric. I like the rough texture and bright colour and the narrow width of the fabric is just about right for a 10" square. Linking this piece to the earlier Petra pieces I've used 2 other dyed and printed fabrics.
I then looked for a complete contrast and thought of a yellow silk, shot with fuchsia which looks great with its edges frayed. Smaller pieces needed, to balance the 1st shapes.
Having played with the proportion of the applied shapes I then looked at where to place the buttons.
Now I just need time to actually do the stitching!

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