Monday, 25 April 2011


Its been a bit like having Christmas and Easter all rolled into one - my new machine arrived - a Bernina Artista 630 with an embroidery unit and the BSR foot - so it is literally my Christmas presents for the next couple of years!
"Sew Northampton" and Andy gave a wonderful tutorial before sending me home to play, which I have been doing since. Good job we were staying home for Easter.
I have been a good girl and have done things step by step, reading the manual (unheard of normally) and trying out stitches, techniques and suggestions to get the feel of the beast. Amazingly its turning out my quilt label as I write this!
I'm very exited about the chance to use writing in my quilts and once I've really got the hang of this amazingly powerful machine I'll look at a design interface so I can put in my own drawn designs.


  1. Reading a manual - I'm sure I've never done that either. Can't wait to see what you can achieve with you new shiny machine.

  2. A lovely machine. I have the 640 and love it but I don't get on with the BSR. Doesn't really matter though as it is dream to FMQ with. Looking at the glimpse of the label it appears you have mastered it already.