Friday, 22 April 2011

May JQ

I have started to think about how to move these 'strata' quilts on. Looking at the photos of the exposed rocks they were often displaying evidence of fault lines in the rock, created when folding and mountain building occurred. The fault lines create different rock patterns adjacent to one another, and thus interesting patterns.
So.... this morning I have been playing with ideas and have worked a sample to see whether I like the effects I have drawn. The direction of the rock folds needs to vary more than my sample and I can make better use of colour variation. The Clover, Quick Bias works well but the black may be too stark to use in the final piece.
I have used similar quilting stitches as before as they seem to lend themselves to the theme. I have really enjoyed this morning, working in free fall - no firm ideas just picking

up fabrics and cutting!
I think I can now draw out a full size May pattern and start work.

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