Saturday, 30 April 2011

Not as easy as I thought!

I have been looking forward to using the BSR foot on my machine because I thought it was the answer to my rather uneven machine quilting....... It's not that easy at all!
So far I have tried to machine quilt the May JQ and it was slightly disastrous, I'd no real control and the stitching was even worse than when I used an ordinary embroidery foot. A new new May JQ now needs to be made! I nearly put the BSR away for good, but curiosity got the better of me and I knew I wanted to fathom out how on earth you make it work for you.
So now I'm working on calico that can be binned and just trying out all the things I can think of and trying to get the feel of how to make the stitching much less jerky.
The photo below gives you an idea of how much more practice I still need before I can use the foot on a real piece of work. A bit disappointing as I was hoping the quilt "Strata" while up in Scotland catering for a wildlife group on a self catering holiday (the things I sign up to doing!!!)
Still my mother always told that practice makes perfect!

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  1. You're being very hard on yourself - but I know you set yourself high standards. I think if you'd have never done FMQ before then the BSR would be easy to use - but you've mastered one technique and now you're having to master another one. I've heard a few people who have used BSR being already good with FMQ and have found the transition a challenge. I'm sure you'll master this too.