Thursday, 8 April 2010

Region 7 Challenge (1)

I set entry to this challenge as one of my targets for this year, making me work outside my comfort zone. This is the image all our work must be based on and only these colours may be used in the finished piece. 6" x 42" is a difficult shape to work with and added to that I have to submit my work to the group and it may not be good enough! Given the big debate that has been ranging through the CQ web site, I think I need to be in a very positive frame of mind and almost expect to be told I've not met the standard. I'm sure it will be easier the next time once I've seen what others produce and can judge whether I'm even close to their league. I think that I sometimes crave feedback, as long as it is constructive, based on how the piece could be improved rather than a catalogue of mistakes and errors. I suppose that it is the spirit in which the feedback is offered that matters to me. I was lucky to work with Brenda Boardman for 2 years of courses at The Bramblepatch and I really admired her ability to critique and feedback to us, and felt I learned so much that way. I did enter a quilt to FoQ a couple of years ago and was grateful to the judges for some very positive comments and some clear areas for improvement. It was a sobering experience to be standing near it and listen to the comments, some of which were really rude.
Several weeks of experiments have set me off in the direction I think I will work with and the deadline looms.....
I am going to roller the fabric with printing ink to give the main colour, and experiment with monoprinting, some discharge screen printing and use voilles to highlight the machine embroidery.

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