Friday, 16 April 2010

Region 7 Challenge (3)

Just back from celebrating an Aunt's 96th birthday and from seeing the "Breakthrough" Quilts at York.
Getting old is not easy, as a society we've not learned how to have a "good" old age - perhaps we are the generation to start to make a fuss about it as we'll be the next ones to go through it!
The Breakthrough quilts were really interesting, such a varied number of responses to the theme and so many different ways of interpreting ideas in fabric and thread. I loved the little book of samples - so interesting to feel the quilt and to see, close up, how the effects had been achieved.

Now I have to complete my challenge quilt all 6" of it!
I have had fun with some mono printing to get leaf motifs and I like the 'less than perfect' image that results. I've actually done 2 to try things out differently but I've had a raging disaster - the 'better' in my view, quilt was on the table for me to mark out the fold line when my brain when into neutral and I found I had cut all along one edge - disaster - I cant now turn a hem and the images come to the edge so I can't use a binding - have had to use a Zig-zag to edge it but it may not be acceptable, so will send both and let others make the decisions. In the end neither of them may me thought of as any good.

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  1. Hi Sarah, I've come here from the CQ Yahoo group and am very impressed by the work you are showing here. I'm doing the Journal Quilts too but have rushed off without giving the journey much thought (as usual) so have not settled on a theme or series so I admire you for the way you are working. I've been blogging for a while and enjoy it so I hope you enjoy the journey too. Maybe see you at one of the Contemporary Quilt Group events sometime. Hope you enjoy the AGM, I am not able to go so I'll be interested to hear what you think.