Monday, 25 January 2016

London Exhibition

I was made aware this morning of an exhibition in London that devotees of African imagery and pattern might be interested in.
The exhibition is of early pen and ink works, delicate watercolours, acrylics, jewellery and Adire textiles by the Nigerian artist Chief Nike Davies-Okundaye.

Davies-Okundaye trained in Adire, a traditional indigo-dyed cloth worn by women in south-western Nigeria, and featuring hand-painted patterns of birds, shells, and geckos. She is credited with the contemporary revival of this once fading textile and batik industry.

Nike Davies-Okundaye - The Power of One Woman - Featuring photographs by Joanna Lipper is on show at the Gallery of African Art GAFRA in London, until 6 February 2016.

These images of the paintings are what fired my imagination.

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